Convista has supported clients in various sectors for over 20 years, specializing in SAP and IT projects for a digitalized world. Starting as an SAP consultancy for insurance, Convista has grown into a versatile full-service provider, aiding clients in innovating their business processes with end-to-end solutions. Since 2023, the new brand Convista consolidates the expertise of three consulting firms—Axxiome Health, enowa, and ConVista—under one roof.

Convista wanted to accompany the merge with a complete rebrand. Together with the Agency “Die Neue Vernunft” I developed a new corporate identity based on a new brand DNA and Claim, that aligns the unique way of working together internally and with their clients, and the exceptional results they benefit from.

The logo comprises a wordmark and a colon. The colon symbolizes the essential partnership and active dialogue required for success. It offers flexibility to adapt to various requirements and touchpoints, and can even be deconstructed to become part of the visual language or serve as a marker for highlighting key topics.

Service: Logo and Corporate Design, Brandguidline development
Agency: Die Neue Vernunft
Website and UX Design: Friendventure